About Us


In May of 2008, OCMCHE adopted by–laws and elected officers, to complete our inaugural year. The goals have been and continue to be, to network, discuss issues and discover solutions relevant to our work in diversity on college campuses and the community. Although broad in nature, OCMCHE, has a core ethos that is a collective representation of higher education institutions and members who embrace the platform; honor multicultural issues and diversity.

Our History


In 2005, multicultural professionals from six Ohio colleges and universities convened to discuss a rationale for a new forum. In recognition of the unfolding demographic shifts, and potential to advocate for a varied student body, sharing social and intellectual capital motivated the group to explore the formation of an organization. The organization would address the expanding needs of diverse student bodies served by Ohio's colleges and universities and expand its reach to the community.


From the inaugural conference in May of 2005, titled: "Imagine a Consortium of Ohio Multicultural Centers in Higher Education," to now–we have seen the creation, growth and evolution of something very special. The founding group took form and worked with due diligence–emailing and holding quarterly meetings hosted by different campuses throughout Ohio. These meetings prompted even more valuable support from various schools in Ohio and expanded its reach to community colleges.


We have imagined, worked, planned and dreamed–and now these dreams have become a reality. As a result of those efforts, in 2008, the Ohio Consortium of Multicultural Centers in Higher Education (OCMCHE) was created. There is still much to be done in the days ahead as OCMCHE continues to evolve. However, this collaborative group is steadfast and ready to embrace the challenges and serve as advocates for diversity, multicultural education and equity.

Strategic Plan Core Goals
  • Goal 1: To share resources and information that strengthen connections amongst campuses and communities.
  • Goal 2: To promote identity and mission of cultural/multicultural centers and programs and initiatives addressing diversity throughout Ohio.
  • Goal 3: To create opportunities for networking and personal growth in the field.
  • Goal 4: To explore collaboration and partnership ideas that will enhance the work of cultural/multicultural centers on Ohio college campuses and our respective communities
The core of the organization is to promote diversity, provide educational resources and professional experiences, share resources and information, networking; and, exploring collaborations and partnerships. To review the OCMCHE Constitution, download the
PDF file
Original Charter Institutions

The Ohio Consortium of Multicultural Centers in Higher Education was created in 2008 by members from nine (9) "charter" institutions. Click to view Colleges' sites.